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When our daughter’s school asked for a volunteer to teach an after school photography club, we immediately stepped up to the opportunity.

After all, we’ve been professional photographers with our own business since 2003. Not only have we photographed over 200 weddings, events and kids and family portraits, but we also mentored budding photographers along the way. With our professional photography and previous teaching experience it was a perfect fit.  

We sat down to create a teaching plan. Quickly, we realized there were little to no resources about building photography curriculums for adults or kids. The ones that were available for adults were quite expensive. So we created our own using the knowledge we had accumulated throughout the years.

That’s how our company Shutter Teachers began. Since we opened Shutter Teachers in 2013, it has become a go-to resource for photographers all over the globe. We’ve helped nearly 1,000 photographers save time with pre-planned curriculum templates at affordable rates.

Each curriculum offers in-depth and easy-to-follow instructions for teaching basic DSLR photography to children and/or adults.  The Shutter Teachers unique lineup of resources includes lesson plans, learning games, instructor notes, PowerPoint presentations and more! The Shutter Teachers basic DSLR photography curriculum is ideal for seasoned professionals looking to expand their business during the off-season. Purchase your curriculum and become a Shutter Teacher today!

(Lee and Cindy Reeves - Founders of Shutter Teachers)


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