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A Quick and Easy Guide on How to Teach Photography for Fun and Profit


Have you ever wanted to teach photography, but weren't sure where to begin? 
That's why we've created the Shutter Teachers Official Guide to Teaching Photography for Fun and Profit.
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This guide will give you key information that you need to know to get started teaching a basic digital photography class. 

FREE E-Guide How to Teach Photography

Get Answers to the Following Questions:

1. How much should I charge for my class? 

2. How many students should I have?

3. When is the best time to schedule my class?

4. Where should I have my class? 

5. How do I prepare? 


FREE Guide how to teach photography

We're super excited that you're considering teaching a photography class and wanted to help provide you with the resources and materials you need to help you get started teaching photography today!  

Here's what some photographers are saying about our curriculum:

"This couldn't have come at a better time!  Loved how I hardly had to do a thing.  I found this 2 days before I hosted my class, and it definitely took my presentation up a notch." 

-Rebecca E.

“ This comprehensive bundle pack includes everything (yes really everything!) you could ever need to teach your own “Moms with Cameras Class.” Hosting one of these classes in your community is just one of the ways that Shutter Teachers helps photographers like us make bank!”

-Jammie Lopez (Photographer's Connection)

Stop just thinking about teaching photography... download your FREE E-Guide and get started today!

Come on... you can do this! 

Click here to get your Shutter Teacher's Official Guide to Teaching Photography. 


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