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10 Tips for Teaching a Photography Class

10 Tips for a Teaching Successful Photo Class:

1) Get information.  When students call to make a reservation for the workshop, ask them what type of camera they have, find out why they want to take the class, and get to know them a little more.  

2) Take online reservations. If you prefer to sign up students online, you can use a service such as Eventbrite.  It will help with scheduling, promoting the class and taking payments online.   

3) Limit class size.  Limit the number of students to around 10 per class so that each student can receive personalized attention.

4) Hand out worksheets throughout the class. Don’t hand out all the worksheets at once so that students will not be tempted to read ahead.

5) Share your story.  Share your background in photography with the class and some of your personal experiences that you’ve learned in your business along the way.  

6) Show your photos.  Bring some of your favorite images to show as samples and explain how you got the shot, what settings you used, etc...

7) Have an assistant.  Bring an assistant to help you set up, run the PowerPoint presentation, hand out worksheets and greet students as they arrive.  Your assistant can also act as your model for students to take practice shots. 

8) Know where to advertise.  Find students by advertising your classes on daily deal sites and social media platforms.  Local moms clubs and retirement communities are also a great place to find students.  You may even be able to work out a deal with stores that sell DSLR cameras.  Pay them a referral fee for each student they send your way.

9) Start a photography club.  For kids classes you can ask to start an after school photography club at local charter schools, teach a class to home school groups, or network at local moms clubs. 

10) Don't forget the class sign-in sheet. Make sure you have a sign-in sheet at class to collect your students contact information and be sure to follow up afterwards. You may want to create a private facebook group or google hangout so students can ask follow up questions and post photos.  It’s a great way to watch their photography skills grow and help guide them along the way. You may even get some new clients as a result.

how to teach a basic dslr photography class

how to teach a basic photo class

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